These are photos of the ultra fem sissy style suit by  Mens swimwear   Male chastity

Penis enlargement  This design is the Prostitute by

Michael David. As you can see this design makes you completely flat and from the front and rear gives you the complete vagina look. This is perfect for beginner to advanced sissy men.


Perfect fem sissy wear for men this design is amazingly flat


Penis enlargement

and smooth. From the moment you slip this on you will have an intense feminine feeling well up inside you. The first time you feel like you have a vagina is a wonderful sissy feeling.


Sissy Galleries


Most sites and most sissy galleries are all about humiliating men that are considered or treated as sissy boys. A man that is a sissy would find that most content on sissy sites are highly degrading to feminine men. This site will feature positive aspects of sissy men, how sissy men deal with be forced to be girl like and how other sissy men make their own choice to be so girly. We will feature photos of sissy men, including nude sissy men, sissy men who are forced to wear women’s clothing, sissy men who wear ultra fem swimwear in public either by choice or being forced to. We will be posting stories about the lifestyle of forced sissy men and by choice sissy men. We have a large selection of sissy photos, most of the sissy photos in our galleries will be amateur men in ultra fem sissy wear and some of the galleries will be nude sissy men.

Instead of degrading and humiliating sissy men we will celebrate the positives including dealing with forced sissy men.

A large portion of sissy men are straight, but there are gay sissy men too. Most forced sissy men are submissive and the dominant women in their lives are usually the ones doing the sissy training.

We do get many forced sissy photos sent to us and we are happy to post your sissy photos in our galleries. One thing that you will notice in the sissy galleries is that almost all forced sissy men and most by choice sissy men have small to tiny cocks. We rarely find a sissy with a large cock, from the limited information we have found their seems to be a direct correlation between penis size and how fem the sissy is. Our most extreme sissy men have very tiny cocks which leads us to believe that biologically these sissy men may be closer to being women. There is a big difference between transsexuals which identify as women and sissy men who enjoy being men and enjoy celebrating or being forced into femdom and a sissy lifestyle. In the future we are planning Transsexual galleries.

We will be offering links to other sissy sites and other sissy galleries . Feel free to e-mail us your sissy stories, sissy profiles,

Sissy feedback, erotic sissy fun stuff and anything else you might think would be interesting to the sissy community or for our sissy galleries.

Many sissy men are completely shaved, waxed or have had laser hair removal. As a sissy I was forced to go through laser hair removal and what’s left is waxed every six weeks or so in a women’s saloon. Part of my lifestyle is forced sissy hood but other parts like wearing tiny ultra fem swimwear in public was at first forced but I have learned to enjoy this part of being a sissy. I will be posting my sissy photos in our gallery too. This sissy site is a non profit free site. We will try to update our sissy galleries every week or so. Everything at this sissy site including the sissy galleries will always be free. You can help us spread the fun by doing your share to get the word out. Post links to our site at forums, blogs and anywhere you post a free link. Make sure to send our sissy site to your friends weather they are sissy men, sissy lovers of people just interested in sissy men and sissy men galleries

filled with photos. All our sissy men are 18+ years or older and you must be 18+ years old to enjoy are sissy galleries, there is nudity in the galleries, so if you are not 18+ or are offended by nude men, some nude women and men as sissy girls please don’t’ stay, we want people who enjoy sissy men, who are sissy men and who are thinking about becoming a sissy man and yes I do realize that many men who are treated as a sissy believe the correct wording should be sissy girl, sissy miss, pussy boy and there are so many others but we will just go with sissy man or men, relax and go with it we are trying to make this sissy site and it’s galleries fun.

If you are thinking about becoming a sissy or if you are a women deciding to coax or force your man into becoming a sissy this site will help you and the galleries should give you some good ideas and many will turn you on!

Thinking about trying the sissy lifestyle?  Male chastity devices

Personally I was forced into it but since I enjoy so many aspects

of being a feminine sissy I can make a few suggestions.

You have a head start if you look like a sissy, when I started I was thin and well built with a nice round ass that was much more similar to a women’s ass then a man’s, in addition I start off with a rather small cock, see some photos in the sissy galleries, I enjoy exhibitionism of my feminine traits, thou this was more a learned enjoyment, I was nervous at first being a sissy in public especially at the beach where my wife would force me to wear the tiniest swimwear, the micro suits like Secret Wish from Koala, photos are included in the sissy galleries, these designs make you look like you have a vagina, they are amazing in detail and many times in public other people thought I was a topless women. It takes getting use to buy wearing sissy style swimwear at busy beaches and hotels gradually let me become my inner sissy for the world to see. It helped that when you wear these designs that make you look like there is no cock just pussy that you are an absolute sissy.

I was always made to wax, shave and finally to have my body hair laser removed. Being completely smooth is a feminine trait most men have body hair, so it makes sense that if you are a sissy you should be hairless. I have so many stories of my shaved cock and

Men hitting on me when I am nude in the locker room, gay and straight, there are more straight men then you would think that would like to fuck a very fem sissy men. If we get photos of sissy

Men having sex we will post them in the galleries, we have some of sissy men with butt plugs being trained for strap on sex those will make it to the sissy galleries and some hot solo sissy masturbation photos that will also end up in the sissy galleries .

Not being forced to be a sissy? Are you married or do you have a girlfriend? If you really want to try being a sissy ask them, many women are into their men being fem sometimes, start by seeing if it is OK for you to get sissy panties, things like tiny g-strings and thongs, start wearing them around the house and see if she is game for you to wear them in public. Being a sissy does not mean being gay, though some times sissy men do have forced and consensual sex with men. If you have not noticed by now everything be it photos or stories in the sissy galleries will be very random. If I change subjects quickly in my writing, keep in mind that everyone working on this project is donating their time and working on the sissy galleries in their free time. Many of the photos are given to us courtesy of Koalamc which is a men’s club website that features men who are nude and dressed very fem, we also get photos for the sissy galleries from Koala swimwear they get us some amazing stuff and of course we shot our own content for the sissy galleries along with whatever our readers decide to send in for us to post.

We want to highlight the sexiness of sissy men but also the

things sissy men need to deal with not being completely real men in what is considered normal.

Jumping off topic for a minute I had a interesting sissy day today.

My wife and I decided to go to the beach. Thought we were just going to tan on this beautiful March day in the 70s in LA .

We got down there and found a nice quite area to lay out. My wife had on a sexy suit and made me wear a g-string so small I thought the police might site me for nude sunbathing. Everything was great the beach was not to crowded and it was just about perfect weather.

A big group of young guys and a few girls came down and started playing volleyball near us. My wife got that look in her eyes after she spotted some of guys who were very hot. I could tell she was about to humiliate me and use me to attract attention. She loves when I am wearing fem wear looking like a complete sissy around these young guys. I my tiny g-string, body completely shaved, I am sure I looked like a girl laying on my stomach. My wife new that was the case and she said get up little bitch and let me fix your towel. I do what she wants ,as a sissy I am intimidated by her.

She piled a sand mound under the middle of my towel and made me lay back down. She is very smart when it comes to getting attention. The mound was right under my cock which forced my sissy large fem ass into the air. My wife said she wanted me this way so I would not get that crease women get near their ass’s and legs, I knew my sissy ass was an advertisement. It looks so much like a girls ass even close up, at this point I feel so sissy fem that I am fine with it but I am not happy having my sissy ass as bait to attract young men. My wife was starring at these guys and I am sure we looked like two girls out there, me topless. When I lay out I use a small towel over my head so my face does not tan but that makes me look even more like a sissy fem girl. My wife said a few were coming over and she put some oil on my back and started rubbing it in. I know she wanted them to think she was into girls, she says I am so sissy sometimes she feels she is a lesbian with me.

I need you to picture what the guys saw as they were walking up. May ass was pushed into the air and you could clearly see the part of the pouch which was small and black between my legs and from the rear I am sure it looked like a pussy. They started up a conversation with my wife as I kept the towel over my head not wanting to say a word. One of the guys said your girlfriends not very social as my wife slid her hand to my ass rubbing in oil while continuing to talk with them. I know she was trying to get them aroused, she kept talking and rubbing then slipped her hand into my ass adding oil and asking the guys if they thought I had a nice ass? They thought I was hot which was totally humiliating to me, they were convinced I was a girl, with no idea I was a man, a sissy but a man. I had a feeling my wife would shortly give my sissy secret away. She just kept up flirting with the guys one of of them said whats up with your girlfriend, she won’t even say hi! My wife said she is just enjoying me rubbing and flicked the string of my suit going up my sissy ass. Then she said guys this is my man and not a girl. No fuckin way one of the guys said. She said I know it’s a nice ass but there’s more, he’s a guy, he’s a sissy but I like them that way. Two of the guys just kept saying no way she’s a girl, the third said prove it, thinking he was going to get a nice pussy shot it she did. My wife is a bitch and more then willing to humiliate me on a moments notice, my ass being in the air she just slid her hand down to my exposed pouch near my balls rubber it a little like she was fingering a vagina, then pulled the pouch to the side grabbing my small cock and showing it to the guys. They laughed and could not believe my sweet sissy ass had a cock to go along with it. They asked if I was gay, I did not bother answering but she said no but I can make him do anything I want. He is a sissy fem man that is why he looks so much like a girl, I like him looking all sissy.

They were cool with that and to my relief this time I did not have to service any of the guys. Not my typical day at the beach but not the first time she has done this to me.



Hope you like the peek into my life and I will be sharing more of my life and that of other sissy men in this sissy galleries site.


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